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About Us

Village Preschool is licensed preschool in Arroyo Grande, CA and a play-based learning environment that teaches the "whole child."  Our mission is to create a program that infuses social and emotional learning and character education into daily academic instruction. 


"When you educate the whole child, you can count on academic growth as well, even if that is not the primary intent." (Teaching the Whole Child, Asociation for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2007.)  Giving children a balance of intellectual and emotional instruction leads to more complete psychological development and helps them become better learners.


What does that look like on a daily basis? 


  • Rules and routines are established and explained, visually and verbally.

  • Children are encouraged to problem solve with adult support.

  • Learning environments are well-constructed and responsive to the interests and needs of the children.

  • Participation is constantly encouraged:  abundant age-appropriate materials that are open ended and appeal to the senses,  manipulation of the materials, choice of materials and play partners.

  • Opportunities for language and thought:  "What are you making with the blocks?"

  • Constant communication with families.

Upcoming Events:
Music with Ms. Nina!!

Pizza Day!

Take a day off from packing lunch!  For $3.00, we serve two slices of cheese pizza, a serving of fruit or vegetable and milk or water to drink.  It's a pizza party!

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